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Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight Iniki Kwan

Iniki is a clerical worker with a local hospital and also does some administrative work for a contracting company. Iniki balances her “real” work with her studies – she refers to herself as a “forever student”.

Iniki first join the EMF family in 2015. She is a regular one-on-one client who trains with Coach Jared. Iniki trains a minimum of once per week, but there are times when not juggling her two jobs and studies that she is able to make it in for two sessions a week.

When Iniki joined EMF, her goals she set were to gain some weight and muscle. Iniki has worked hard at gaining strength. You may have seen the recent post to our social media accounts of Iniki deadlifting 155 lbs. That is more than she weighs!

Iniki has set a new goal of learning what to eat and how much to eat in order to meet her goals of increasing her body weight and lean muscle.

We here at EMF are proud of the dedication and strides Iniki has made towards her goals. Now to crush the nutrition piece of the puzzle in 2020! Keep up the great work Iniki.

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Client Spotlight Rhonda Hutchinson

Rhonda started working out at EMF Fitness in January of 2017.  Rhonda was referred to EMF through a co-worker.  Since joining EMF, Rhonda had a little boy in 2018.

Rhonda's initial goal was to work on her health and endurance for dragonboating as well as starting a family.  Once she met those goas, she wanted to start a foundation of being a good role model for her son in taking care of herself.  Additionally, she wanted to be a strong and accountable leader for her dragonboat team.

While Rhonda has always been active on and off, she never stayed consistent.  She now is a regular at EMF, whether it is working out with her dragonboat team, her Birth and Baby group which did a baby boot camp with Eric, while the moms were on maternity leave or working out with Annette.

Rhonda has been a great source of referrals for EMF, her entire dragonboat team now attends dryland sessions with EMF, as well as the mom's group for the baby boot camp.  We are grateful to Rhonda for all the referrals and the members she has assisted in adding to the EMF Family.

Rhonda has made great strides since coming to EMF.  She met her goals and continued on and crushed them; beyond what she thought she could do.

Rhonda says "I am a stronger more confident momma (who can flip tires while my baby sleeps in a carrier on my chest).

Way to go Rhonda, we are so very proud of you and proud to call you an EMF Family member.

  • Amanda Cove, Client of EMF Fitness - Calgary Fitness Gym

Client Spotlight – Amanda Cove

Amanda is a 32-year old mother of two boys, aged 2. 5 and 4.5 years old, who works as a Senior Office Administrator.

Amanda has been involved in a few motor vehicle accidents and was experiencing daily pain and was unable to pick up her children due to the pain she was experiencing.  She tried a number of medical interventions suc1h as PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments, steroid injections and prolotherapy treatments, but all of these treatments only helped so much.  Amanda's physiotherapist suggested that she stat working out to see if that would assist her.

Amanda joined EMF and worked with Eric.  Initially, Amanda was referred to EMF through a friend who had lost a large amount of weight and was pleased with the results he received and wanted Amanda to benefit from Eric's knowledge and experience.

Eric spoke to Amanda's physician and created a program that would work for her to improve her health and assist with losing weight.  Amanda set a goal of losing 25 pounds in three months.  With Amanda's persistence and dedication to her new healthy lifestyle, she was able to meet her goal.  Not only did Amanda lose weight, she is now able to play with her children and is able to be more adventurous, without being in pain.

Joining EMF and working with Eric helped Amanda lose weight, but more than that, Eric has ingrained in Amanda, a healthy lifestyle and way of living.  Working with Eric changed her life for the better and she and her family are so grateful.

EMF is grated to Amanda for committing to a healthy lifestyle and for being an ambassador for us.  Onward and upward…See Amanda's before and after picture.  What a remarkable difference!  There is no going back for this lady!

  • Amanda Cove - Client of EMF Fitness, Calgary Fitness Centre
  • Happy Client Amanda Cove - EMF Fitness

Client Spotlight – Jaclyn Brock

Jaclyn is a 34 year-old wife and mother who works full-time as a leasing manager. Jaclyn has a very busy life, but makes time for her health and wellness

Jaclyn first started coming to EMF with the Reservoir Dolls Dragonboat Team.  Prior to that, it had been nearly a year and a half since she had worked out on a regular basis.

Jaclyn decided to get serious about getting back into the shape she had been in previously.  She started working out each week with Annette.  She sat down with Annette and set goals to drop 8 pounds and to drop 4 inches from her waist.

Since starting to work out regularly, Jaclyn has noticed not only the physical changes, but she has also noticed that she is treating herself more kindly.  When Jaclyn is working out, she zones into the moment and doesn't focus on anything else.  At the end of her workout, she feels like she has really accomplished something.

Jaclyn loves the positive influence working out has made on her daughter, Abby.  Abby is learning what it is like to live a healthy lifestyle and likes to show off her strong muscles.

Jaclyn commented that she loves how EMF is creating a sense of community and a welcoming environment.  Jaclyn has introduced her husband, sister and nephew to EMF.  We are very happy to have Jaclyn and her family as part of our EMF family.

  • Jaclyn Brock Working out at EMF Fitness - Calgary Fitness Centre
  • EMF Fitness Team - Calgary Fitness Gym

Client Spotlight – Annette McIntosh

Another incredible transformation. - 51 lbs in just over 5 months. Annette has been an incredible example of no excuses and hard work guarantees results.

Transformations like this are not easy, don’t let anyone lead you astray, but they are very possible in a relatively short period of time, IF you put in the work.

I cannot be more proud of her, she never misses her sessions (and pushes herself every time she is in!) , puts in work outside of our time together, follows any feedback or guidance I give her and most of all has been massively consistent.

This is why she has had such great success and will continue to do so, congratulations my friend, all of your efforts are paying off.

  • Annette McIntosh - Client of EMF Fitness