*** We are Now Open for 1-1 Personal Fitness and Group Training ***


How does pricing work?
Our pricing is dependent on the type of training you are interested in.  We have various plans and programs to fit everyone's budget.  Convenient monthly payments make it affordable.  There is no large lump-sum payment due upon signing up.

Where is the gym located?
Our facility is located about a five-minute drive from Chinook Mall.  The location is easy to access from Macleod, Blackfoot or DeerFoot Trails

What can I expect to take place at the initial fitness consultation?
Your consultation will take place at the fitness facility or by telephone.  This consultation is a chance for you and one of our trainers to discuss your specific health and fitness goals and start planning strategies to assist you in meeting and surpassing your goals.  At the initial consultation, we will also want to take "Before" pictures to start you on your way to your body transformation.  In order to be able to take the photos, we ask that you bring gym appropriate clothing (men – shorts and women – tank top and leggings), or have a friend or family member take the pictures and forward them to your trainer.

Can I train with EMF Fitness, if I don't live in Calgary or the surrounding area?
Yes, our online training program is ideal for those clients who do not live within driving distance of the facility.  (or if you do live in the area, but are unable to make it in to the gym on a regular basis, online training is definitely for you!)  See our online training section for further details.

Why do I need a personal trainer?
If you are a novice fitness enthusiast, a personal training can guide you through your fitness plan and ensure that your form is correct and your intensity level is at a level that will enable you to increase your fitness level.  If you are an experienced exerciser or athlete, a personal trainer will assist you in taking your fitness to a level you did not think you could achieve by providing a variety of exercises with increasing difficulty and intensity as you progress in your fitness journey.  Working with one of our personal trainer will ramp up your fitness regime to levels you would never have thought you could accomplish.

How would a personal trainer compliment the fitness regime I already have in place?
If you already workout regularly and are happy with the fitness facility that you already attend, or if you have a super home gym, online training with one of our trainers would be a good way to compliment your fitness regime.  We provide you with the workouts and an easy-to-use app to instruct you on how to complete your workouts.  It is a win-win situation.

What type of client do you work with?
We work with clients of varying age demographics and fitness abilities.  We meet our clients wherever they may be on their fitness journey and coach and assist them to achieve a healthy/active lifestyle that is right for them.  We coach and train each client as an individual, even if they participate in group classes.  EMF Fitness is your one-shop stop for all fitness levels and abilities.

Is on-line training worth the time and financial investment?
On-line training provide you with all the benefits of one-on-one training with the added perk of being able to train on your own schedule.  Whether you are an early-bird or a late-night exerciser, on-line training will work for you.  You will be able to complete your workouts on your own schedule.  Although you can work out when it is convenient for you, you will be held accountable for completing your workouts.  Your coach can and will check in with you through the app to make sure that you are completing your workouts and answer any questions you may have.  On-line training is a very financially viable alternative to one-on-one training with a set monthly cost as opposed to a per session cost.