*** We are Now Open for 1-1 Personal Fitness and Group Training ***

One on One Personal Fitness Training

Calgary Gym & Fitness Centre

A training plan dedicated 100% to you!

​After an one hour complimentary introductory and assessment session, your coach will set up a 8-12 week plan based off of your goals and training experience. You will meet with your coach 1-4 times per week for an hour at a time.

Sessions will be set up to teach you the fundamentals of exercise and how to best train for your goals. We will cover a wide range of topics and drills ranging from: warm up, dynamic movement, mobility, strength training, conditioning work, cool down, and stretching.

Workouts will be focused and intense, pushing and challenging your body to reach new limits. Personal training will have you push to limits you just do not hit while working alone.

We have clients visiting us from Calgary, AB and the surrounding areas.

Our Fitness Programs include:

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