*** We are Now Open for 1-1 Personal Fitness and Group Training ***

Small Group Fitness Training

Calgary Gym & Fitness Centre

High-level coaching. Intimate setting.

In this style of training, we group you with like-minded individuals who are striving for similar goals. Working with others creates a higher energy environment where you can push and hold each other accountable for each other's goals.

In this setting everyone can learn new things as each individual gets shown and coached about something they specifically need to focus on, seeing what others change can help you have a better understanding of why we do things the way we do.

Sessions can range from mobility work, high-intensity conditioning, strength training, to stretching. ​Groups are set up for set times each week ranging from 1-4 1 hour sessions /week. Whatever your goals, group training can help you get there!

We have clients visiting us from Calgary, AB and the surrounding areas.

Our Fitness Programs include:

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