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Top Five Things To Look For In A Personal Trainer

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Top Five Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer

People hire a personal trainer for an array of reasons. Some people use a trainer as their motivational factor, while others rely on them to create and reach attainable and achievable goals.

However, as trainers are found everywhere, picking the right trainer from several options is quite a challenge. Moreover, as you will be dedicating a lot of time and money to a trainer, it makes sense to choose someone who is right for you. 

To help simplify your search and select the right professional who will enhance your fitness goals, here is a list of the top five things to look for in a personal trainer. 

1. Qualified and experienced
Being a trainer is no easy task as the individual needs to understand the different forms of training, how to avoid injuries, and be proficient in managing a person’s motivational levels as well. With the right professional training and experience, a trainer can help a client find the best routine for them.

2. Professional
A trainer’s job is to help clients continually adapt, grow, and change. It is no different for a trainer. Therefore continuing education is essential. If your trainer isn’t growing and learning, then neither are you.

3. Open-minded and caring
While catering to your various fitness requirements, a trainer should be able to pick the right exercises and appropriate weights, sets, and reps based on your individual needs. If something doesn’t feel right about an exercise or the amount of weight you’re using, they should be open to adjusting as needed to keep you safe while still providing a challenging workout.

4. Knowledgeable
A trainer should be a stickler for top-notch posture and technique and consistently teach and cue you during each exercise. Moreover, they should get to know you from head to toe, physically and emotionally. While injury history and medical questionnaires are crucial, a great trainer will ask you about your goals first and foremost. They’ll ask you why you want to achieve those goals. If they understand your “why,” they’ll be able to take care of the “how” more effectively.

5. Reliable
The trainer you are considering should have a track record of success and results to show for their efforts. Apart from certifications from credible organizations, a trainer should provide you with a list of happy clients. Always ask your trainer for references from people they’ve worked with who have goals similar to yours. 

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