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Julianna Wallaker

Author: EMF Fitness |

The atmosphere at EMF is cozy, as far as fitness facilities go. It’s very clean and tidy, with good equipment. The staff are very friendly and welcoming as well.

Love working with Jared. He’s knowledgeable, funny, personable and genuine. His positive energy and fun attitude make working out an even better experience.

With his understanding of fitness and health he is great at gauging where you are physically and giving you the correct advice and activities for your level. Helping you be comfortable but able to grow and learn along the way.

He pushes you to do better and shows you that even when you feel like you can’t, you actually can. He’ll help you prove to yourself that you’re capable of more than you know.

I’ve only just gotten started. And I can’t wait to see the progress and goals Jared and the EMF crew help me(and you ;) ) achieve.

You’ll leave EMF feeling glorious, I promise.

... unless you hate being happy and feeling great.